Imaginal Responsibility by Douglas Thomas, PhD

Russell Lockhart (1980, 1983) has demonstrated how exploring the etymology of words leads to a discovery of images and hidden relationships that live inside our everyday language. Response is a word that appears with some frequency in the language of dream tending to describe what occurs between a dreamer and the autonomous living image that […]

The Dream and the Lullaby, by Douglas Thomas, PhD, LCSW

Lately I’ve been thinking about lullabies. A lullaby seems like such a delicate primal thing. I have memories from early childhood, lying in my mother’s lap, her fingers running through my hair as she sang a gentle song to soothe me into sleep. If you’ve spent time around infants or young children, you may have […]

Alternative Facts, Crossroads in Communication, and Dreams, by Douglas Thomas, Ph.D., LCSW

Many of the people I work with as a therapist and teacher express alarm, distress, fear, and disbelief over the course of political events that have taken place recently in the United States as well as on the world stage. Often I find myself pulled into these same feelings as I equivocate over what to […]